Acom joins the Bouvet DXpedition

As in any group, the moral compass, accountability, and integrity of amateur radio operators covers a wide spectrum. The best of these character qualities in the ham radio community came to light last week.

FlexRadio Systems and Ranko Boca, 4O3A, of SKY SAT wanted to be absolutely positive that they would in no way compromise the success of the Bouvet Island DXpedition. They looked at this DXpedition as a once in a lifetime experience for many DX’ers and put the success of 3Y0Z above personal gain, competition, and acclaim.
FlexRadio Systems and SKY SAT were concerned that:

a) Parts availability for production of the FlexRadio amplifiers may be a problem.
b) Sending a total of 14 amplifiers to Bouvet would cut into inventory they had promised to their customers.
c) Meeting our shipping date might compromise their testing and quality control.

We will take several new FlexRadio Power Genius XL amplifiers to Bouvet. However, FlexRadio and Ranko reached out personally to ACOM to assist in supporting 3Y0Z. On short notice, and within 24 hours, ACOM agreed to help make the Bouvet DXpedition the best that it can be and agreed to provide 12 ACOM 1500 amplifiers.

ACOM, FlexRadio Systems, and SKY SAT/4O3A put aside personal gain and competition and worked together to help the Bouvet Island DXpedition be a better experience for you the DX’ers. These are truly quality people.

Ralph Fedor – K0IR
Bouvet Island DXpedition Co-Leader

FlexRadio visit

In July 2017 we had the priviledge of hosting Gerald Youngblood, the owner of FlexRadio Systems. The main reason behind the visit is inspection of the first Power Genius XL production models and the overall production process.
A lot of time was spent discussing long term goals future projects. We intend to continue to work with FlexRadio and make the integration between our teams and products even greater.
We are currently 110% focused on Power Genius XL and its production process. Everything is going as planned with slight delays in some component deliveries as per usual.


Strategic Alliance with DXLog

4O3A Signature team is proud to announce a strategic alliance with DXLog.
Starting with the next update DXLog will fully intagrate with Antenna Genius and Rotator Genius.
Integration of all Genius Series devices is expected very soon, in one of the next versions..
This will allow you to control and configure your Genius devices using DXLog alone.
DXLog will be a central platform avoiding the need for dedicated 4O3A apps.
It will automatically check for updates and upgrade your devices seemlesly, reducing your workload.
This level of integration will enable development of new addons and macros natively supported by DXLog, providing even more flexibility.


We are also currlently working on FlexRadio SDR integration into the DXLog in order to make the most efficient contesting platform.
This will not effect the development of native apps. We will continue upgrading them as before.

Official DXLog web page: