FlexRadio SmartSDR V2.0 Update

FlexRadio SmartSDR V2.0 Update

The results are in and SmartSDR V2.0 is a huge success! We excited to see that a significant percentage of customers have already upgraded to the new version in less than a month. The release has been one of our most successful yet, despite being one of the biggest.

Our tag line for SmartLink is “Remote so easy it’s practically magic”. This has proven to be true, as we have had tremendous feedback from many happy Flexers. It has been fun to see how you have been using SmartLink!


(Photo Credit N2RJ)


(Photo Credit WD6CHC)

In addition to SmartLink we have added a number of new features and enhancements including:

  • Pop out panadapters and control windows on SmartSDR for Windows
  • New metering sidebar for Maestro
  • 40 dB preamp gain for increased VHF sensitivity on FLEX-6700/6700R
  • Improved single tone and two tone dynamic range on the FLEX-6300
  • New N1MM spectrum feature with spot integration
  • New VSP driver for SmartSDR CAT
  • New TURF for Australia, and IARU Region 2
  • Numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements
  • If you have not yet downloaded SmartSDR V2.0 you can do so by clicking HERE. It is only $199 for the freedom to operate from anywhere!

    Matt Youngblood

    Station Damage

    In December 2016 the 4O3A contest station suffered significant damage due to strong storms. All antennas had to be removed from the towers. Repairs of the antenna systems were scheduled for August 2017.
    Unfortunately in July 2017 the whole of Lustica peninsula (where the 4O3A station is located) got caught in a series of fires. As far as we know fires started due to extremely hot weather.
    The station was in grave danger from wildfire in two separate occasions. Thanks to the exceptional effort by the emergency services and volunteers the station was saved.
    Unfortunately all antenna installations and control boxes outside the shack were destroyed. Damage is estimated to at least 20000€. It will take a lot of time to return the station to a fully operational state. They way things are now it won’t happen before summer 2018.


    On the picture you can see the first fire that came from the south side of the building. It came as close as 10m of the porch. The second fire came from the north and the station was saved thanks to airplane intervention.
    A big thank you to everyone who offered to help during the catastrophe.
    See you in contest.

    AzimuthReader app

    Due to popular demand we decided to develop an app to read the azimuth off our magnetic sensor directly.
    This is an affordable solution for anyone who doesn’t need the entire Rotator Genius system and wants the azimuth readout only.
    An additional RS485 to USB or RS485 to RS232 converter is required to interface the sensor with your PC.

    More info on the page: http://www.4o3a.com/index.php/products/station-automation/azimuth-magnetic-sensor/

    PG XL Update


    Dear Power Genius XL Customers,

    Thank you so much for your pre-order of the exciting new Power Genius XL 2 kW amplifier! We wanted to take a moment to update you as to the status of delivery.

    The final design looks great and the amplifiers are progressing very well toward production. Since we first announced Power Genius XL, a number of improvements have been made to the final design including:

  • Free Tuner Genius S with all orders placed by December 31, 2017
  • Larger front panel touch display
  • Custom die cast aluminum front and back panels
  • Vapor phase heat sink for maximum cooling efficiency
  • Final components for the first production run are scheduled to arrive by mid August. The first 10 pre-production units off the production line will be sent to FlexRadio in September for final check out. Assuming all goes well with testing those units, we anticipate the first shipments will go out the door to customers in October.

    The first production run is sold out and we are nearing a sell out of the second production run. We hope to smooth out component availability by the third production run so that we are able to have continuous manufacturing flow from that point. A number of critical components have extended industry wide lead times so we are working to assure that we have enough components in the pipeline to satisfy demand.

    As we approach the actual start of shipments we will begin reaching out to those who have been waiting the longest. We expect that it will take us a few months to make it through the substantial backlog as we have almost sold out of the second production run already. When we contact you we will provide you with the opportunity to modify your order as needed as well as submit any remaining payments.

    Dragiša Boca 4O9ITT