FlexRadio SmartSDR V2.0 Update

FlexRadio SmartSDR V2.0 Update

The results are in and SmartSDR V2.0 is a huge success! We excited to see that a significant percentage of customers have already upgraded to the new version in less than a month. The release has been one of our most successful yet, despite being one of the biggest.

Our tag line for SmartLink is “Remote so easy it’s practically magic”. This has proven to be true, as we have had tremendous feedback from many happy Flexers. It has been fun to see how you have been using SmartLink!


(Photo Credit N2RJ)


(Photo Credit WD6CHC)

In addition to SmartLink we have added a number of new features and enhancements including:

  • Pop out panadapters and control windows on SmartSDR for Windows
  • New metering sidebar for Maestro
  • 40 dB preamp gain for increased VHF sensitivity on FLEX-6700/6700R
  • Improved single tone and two tone dynamic range on the FLEX-6300
  • New N1MM spectrum feature with spot integration
  • New VSP driver for SmartSDR CAT
  • New TURF for Australia, and IARU Region 2
  • Numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements
  • If you have not yet downloaded SmartSDR V2.0 you can do so by clicking HERE. It is only $199 for the freedom to operate from anywhere!

    Matt Youngblood

    • FlexRadio continues to set the standard for high resolution, real time spectral display in amateur radio transceivers with Maestro, extending that same HD visual radio capability from the PC based SmartSDR for Windows to the 8 inch touch screen format.

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