Power Genius XL shipping to customers

Power Genius XL Customers,

Today is a landmark day in the development of the Power Genius XL amplifiers. We are excited to announce that we have completed the extended beta test phase and will begin shipments of production amplifiers next week. We have worked extremely hard in partnership with Skysat/4O3A to get the product ready for release with the quality standards you have come to expect from FlexRadio. Please note that deliveries will begin slowly as we will be short staffed for Hamvention this month. With our extensive backlog we expect that we will be delivering existing orders through the end of 2018 and possibly into early 2019.

The Power Genius XL is capable of 1500W ICAS and can maintain full power even in high duty cycle modes such as RTTY and FT8. The Maximum Efficiency Algorithm (MEffA) allows the amplifier to detect the mode of operation and automatically adjust the efficiency to optimize for maximum efficiency for the selected mode. This allows the amplifier to maintain full power despite the mode you are operating in. All of this in combination with the remotability of the unit and the 60 dB port-to-port isolation make this amp a winner.

We are still working to complete the development of the Tuner Genius. We anticipate the arrival of the first test units this month and will move into beta quickly from there. We are estimating a delivery of production units in third quarter of 2018.

Thank you so much for your patience while we worked to deliver one of the best amplifiers available for sale today.


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