The 4O3A Quadplexer System Enables combining of 10/15/20/40M and much more!

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As always, 4O3A Signature took the band pass filter and combiner system to the next level. In order to meet the different needs and various setups of big stations we decided to put flexibility in to the foreground of our design. Instead of designing a simple Quadriplexer with four fixed band outputs we designed our Combiner QPXC-8, as an addition to the existing Triplexer System. It can be used with our filters, or with any existing filters from other producers.
This design enables you to:

Create a combiner for 10/15/20/40M for four band Yagi antennas that exist on the market for years, using standard combiner for high bands ( as our HFC3000) and QPXC-8.
– As shown on the diagram 1, the standard 3 bands Combiner (which makes up the Triplexer system by adding the filters) is connected to the “OUT T” (Triplexer output) and the 40M BPF is connected to “OUT L” (Low band output) of the combiner QPXC-8. By doing these simple steps you have created the Quadriplexer for 10/15/20/40M.
You can use the same logic but use the filters for WARC bands instead. This will create a WARC Quadriplexer.
You can connect any low band antenna to the low band output including 40M, 80M and 160M. In other words any low frequency antenna from 1.8MHz to 7.5MHz.
You can connect any antenna for higher frequency bands from 14Mhz to 30MHz to the triplexer output.

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