You now easily work the new multiplier and then just switch back again to the default configuration. Thanks to the reversible switch you can now reconfigure your setup for to SOAB, MS or M2 with a press of a button.

You can see an example of SO2R and MS configuration you can see HERE . Switch can be controlled locally, with basic RS3000 controller.


With the new reversible switch, you can easily exchange your amplifier and antennas in use in between two radios.

High power reversible switch will change the layout of station automation by providing efficiency and flexibility trough simplicity.

As an example, when operating MS, your in band radio finds a new multiplier and the pile up is big. In Band radio uses a smaller antenna and less power than the RUN radio. You cannot break the pile up, and you need your big RUN antennas and more power to work a station? If you wire your in Band and Run radios through the reversible switch, with a push of a button you can momentarly borrow the big antenna and AMP from the RUN station. Run will get In Band antenna and amplifier.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 27 × 17 × 7 cm