Station Genius


AG 8×2 that features 8 antennas to 2 radios. Perfect for SO2R and multi-op contesting or making the most of your dual RX transceiver.


Station Genius can control:
4 Square Antenna Systems
Antenna Switches
Band Pass Filters
Beam Stacks
RS-232 Devices

Station Genius can serve as a stand-alone node with its own IP address. This allows you to control your station while you are away.

Interlock function prevents radios from transmitting at the same time. Can be customized according to the rules of particular contests. Users can visually determine which radios are currently transmitting by viewing the Windows app or Station Genius front panel.

PTT outputs are jumper configurable for either +5V or a closure to ground on transmit. All common transmitter inhibit protocols are supported. PTT outputs have a user configurable delay for antenna switching and linear amplifier sequencing.

A user friendly windows app makes configuring Station Genius simple and easy.

Users can combine up to 36 Station Geniuses in a multi-transceiver enviorment and monitor them over a network.

Regular firmware updates will continually add features to all 4O3A Genius products free of charge for life.
Each 4O3A Genius device has an open source API to allow integration with other ham gear and software.