3×1 Power Splitter

Power Splitter

3×1 Power Splitter

Power Splitter is a high power rated antenna match and switch.
Can match up to three antennas to one radio output.


  • Three antenna port allows combining of three independent antenna for HF.
  • Input conectors are SO 239 or N type conectors.
  • Compatible with all 12V source driver band decoders. Factory preset on positive signals. If needed, can be ordered with GND signals switching.
  • Easy to install anywhere in the shack.
  • Wire controlled by a mechanical switch or Station Genius or SAC X.
  • Mechanical switch, Station Genius and SAC X are not included and are bought separately.
  • 4kW power rated.
  • 4O3A style high isolation.
  • Unselected antenna ports are grounded.
  • Without power all antenna ports are grounded.
  • Each device is individualy trimed and tuned for best performance.
  • Specifications:

    Characteristic impedance:

    Power handling:

    Operating frequency range:

    Relay drive voltage:

    Current consumption:



    Operating temperature range:

    50 ohm


    1.8 to 30 MHz

    + 12V

    max. 500 mA

    W 143mm x H 65mm x D 135mm


    from -20 to +60 celsius