Series L

Series L

BIG, Robust (4,500 W ICAS) And Built To Professional Standards – Adjacent Contest Band Rejection Typically 40 dB Or Greater.

For those who do not need the super high level of filtering delivered by the 4O3A “Series S” 5 pole bandpass filters, 4O3A makes a series of 3 pole “Series L” bandpass filters featuring typically 40 dB or more adjacent contest band rejection with the same power handling (4,500 W ICAS) and build quality of the Series S filters.

Series L bandpass filters are available for the 40m, 20m, 15m and 10m bands.

All Series L filters sold by Force 12 / InnovAntennas have optional 12 VDC 40 ma cooling fans. Generally no additional cooling is needed at amateur power levels however transmit duty cycle, ambient room temperature, humidity and antenna VSWR all factor into the heat dissipation formula. See the Power Derating chart below for guidance on VSWR related power capability.

All 4O3A devices come standard with SO-239 (UHF) female coax connectors. N and 7/16″ DIN connectors available on special order – please contract us for more information.

Bandpass, low pass, high pass and other filters available for non-amateur frequencies and power levels. Contact us with your requirements for a price quote.