Rotator Genius

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One Rotator Genius can control two separate motors.


The central unit can be mounted on the tower base or placed inside the shack.

Rotator Genius can control:

  1. Low Range DC motors – 3 to 48V, up to 15A of current.
  2. Low Range AC motors – 3 to 48V, up to 15A of current.
  3. High Range AC motors single phase – 110 to 220V.
  4. High Range AC three phase motors – 110 to 380V.
  5. Prop Pitch motors.

One Rotator Genius can control two separate motors.


The sensor uses a magnetic compass that reads azimuth. This insures you will never have problems with pulse, pot meter sensors, broken indicators or innacurate readings.
Housed in a waterproof box for tower or boom mounting.
Accuracy within 1 degree. No need for initial calibration.
User programmable true north and magnetic north correction.

The sensor can now be used independently from the motor control unit with our AzimuthReader Windows app.
An additional RS485 to USB or RS485 to RS232 converter is required to interface the sensor with your PC.

Rotator Genius is a smart rotator controller that uses a magnetic sensor for reading azimuth. It can be controlled by a Windows or Android app.


Motor control unit is compatable with most rotators on the market.

DIP switches on the device are used to configure:

  • AC or DC motors.
  • Output voltage is configurable in 25% steps of the input voltage. (25%, 50%, 75% or 100%)
  • Low or High Range motors.
  • Slow Start or Break motors.
  • Single or Three Phase motors.


RG can be controlled from a computer or mobile device by an intuitive UI.
It can be setup for remote control over the internnet.
Will be integraded with FlexRadio SSDR and the Mestro panel in a future software update.


Rotator Genius is now supported and can be controlled by N4PY software. Communcation is performed using a TCP/IP connection insuring maximum stabillity and reliability. The documentation is available in the application help files.