Strategic Alliance with DXLog

4O3A Signature team is proud to announce a strategic alliance with DXLog.
Starting with the next update DXLog will fully intagrate with Antenna Genius and Rotator Genius.
Integration of all Genius Series devices is expected very soon, in one of the next versions..
This will allow you to control and configure your Genius devices using DXLog alone.
DXLog will be a central platform avoiding the need for dedicated 4O3A apps.
It will automatically check for updates and upgrade your devices seemlesly, reducing your workload.
This level of integration will enable development of new addons and macros natively supported by DXLog, providing even more flexibility.


We are also currlently working on FlexRadio SDR integration into the DXLog in order to make the most efficient contesting platform.
This will not effect the development of native apps. We will continue upgrading them as before.

Official DXLog web page:

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